Embracing an Online Community

Welcome to this little corner of the digital world that i have carved out for reflection and sharing. I figured I should start off with sharing a little bit about my personal journey in cyberspace to put things in perspective. If someone told me a year ago that I would be starting a blog and sharing so much of my life publicly, I would have told them they’re crazy, but here i am.


My relationship with the internet and social media has definitely changed over the last year. I am a product of the early facebook days. When I started college, there were a handful of schools that had facebook access in the Boston area and it was a place to connect exclusively with your college peer group. When I join Instagram in 2011 my mindset remained very much the same - privacy, privacy, privacy. I just liked the cool photo filters and used it as an editing app, completely missing it’s wide spread potential. It wasn’t until 2017 that I started to discover some wonderful people online. I didn’t engage with most of them, but seeing the range of ways that they were using the platform got me really interested. 

I saw people making connections and actually making friends, talking about how they have grown close to people they met online, because they have seen their lives through these tiny squares. Generally I am a social person. I suffer if I sit at my desk too long with a task that is devoid of interaction, and above all I love being part of and creating a sense of community with people. So in May of 2018, while on maternity leave with my second ray of sunshine, I decided to give the whole being public on instagram a try. 


I didn’t get the hundreds of followers that I thought would turn overnight and I hardly got any more responses to my posts than I had before making my profile public, but I thought it was premature to give up. As with anything, be it a hobby, a career, family or a garden, creating something takes work and time. So I set out on a recreational project to research the ways that Instagram functions, and discovered a whole world of knowledge and strategy around this one app! I wanted to make my photos look better,  I wanted to make my Instagram flow better and I really wanted to connect to people for real. So that’s what I set out to do and it’s been an immensely rewarding process. I am still learning new things everyday, both about the platform and about the world. It’s become a place for me to draw inspiration from every corner of the world (about things i didn’t even know i was interested in at times!) and getting to know so many wonderful people. It’s also has become a much needed outlet for personal reflection, documenting the things I love and making the time to be involved in more things I am really passionate about.

If this post got you curious or you’re looking for strategies to improve your instargam, i’m sure you can come across an endless world of “instagram experts” some of whom will be more credible than others. I’m happy to share with you two of my favorite ladies that really know their stuff and have helped me on this little journey through their content. First is Sarah Tusker @me_and_orla who has classes, a podcast and now a book called Hashtag Authenic. The other is Beth Kirby @localmilk, whose storytelling coupled with her masterful expertise has made her one of the real creative experts.

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy browsing and sharing friends!